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We want to see entrepreneurs succeed.

We have seen too many to programs that promise to deliver, but are really about packing as many people as possible into a room. They provide good information, but no help in executing it.


Strategy is easy, execution is hard


We are convinced that having an Advisory Board is a corner stone to success.

Our founder Craig D Robinson credits his success as an entrepreneur to having an Advisory Board from an early stage.

“It saved my business from disaster at least 3 times. There were traps I hadn’t foreseen that we discovered in the Advisory Board. It also kept me focused on my goals, as a result I achieved them.”

Craig diluted himself out of his largest business in 2015 and now has no day-to-day operational involvement in any of the businesses he owns or invests in.

“I retired in 2015 at age 34, it was awesome! In the next year, I was on 97 flights, none of them for business. I lived it up, having broken loose from years of 100+ hour weeks. But believe it or not, it got old pretty quickly.”

Craig now volunteers with 4 charities, is a volunteer firefighter doing 150 calls a year and spends a lot of time with his kids.

He started My Advisory Board as a passionate project.

“I love coaching, it lights me up. I get so much satisfaction from helping someone and then watching them smash it. Whether it’s a skydiving student, a new firefighter or an entrepreneur. Being able to contribute to their success fills me with a buoyant energy. Then I really feel connected with the universe, that I am living my purpose.”

Craig may be retired, but that doesn’t mean he is idle

“I don’t think any entrepreneur ever really retires. They just take their immense energy and enthusiasm and apply it somewhere else.”

Craig has decided to run Advisory Boards for one week each month. Currently this is two days of My Advisory Board with three days available for entrepreneurs who want a more involved one-on-one approach.

Here is Craig’s guarantee:


“For me this is about helping entrepreneurs, not making packets of money. So, here’s my guarantee:

We will start by working together to craft your goals for the year.

If after 12 months you haven’t achieved them, I’ll work with you for free until you do.

Alternatively, I’ll donate 100% of your payments to charity.”


Are there conditions? Of course! But only a couple:

1-    You have to show up. That means to all your Advisory Board sessions for the whole day.

2-    You have to do the work. If you are not putting in to drive your own success, we can’t help you. If you become an energy drain on the group, rather than a contributor to the group’s and your own success, you may be asked to find an alternative. If this happens in the first year we will donate 100% of the payments you have made to charity and send you the proof. We won’t keep any of it for ourselves, but we don’t want anyone to think that dragging the group down is a way to get a year of Advisory Boards for free.

In addition, if you find you are not happy with what you are getting from My Advisory Board, you can leave at any time. We don't want you leaving thinking we took advantage of you, so we will refund your last Advisory Board session to you.