My Advisory Board, its methodologies and techniques have been developed by our founder, experienced business coach and mentor Craig D Robinson. Below are some of the testimonials from businesses he has helped. 



We engaged Craig to sit on our Advisory Board right from when we started up Comcarp. Craig guided us through setting up all our key systems and reporting metrics. We know have systems in place to report on all staff productivity on a daily basis, right through to 5 year strategic goals with monthly pathway measures to ensure we are on track.

These robust policies and procedures enabled us to start on a good foundation and grow fast. Within 12 months we had secured funding for the company.

Now, 18 months since we launched, we have over 70 staff and are turning over nearly $10m annually.

Craig has been integral to this success.



We brought in Craig after a significant there had been a significant decline in the business. Inbalance had been running for 12 years and for the first time ever was no longer profitable.

We were locked into a 5 year lease on a property with prime street frontage, so had to make it work as we had personal guarantees out against the rent and outgoings of the premises.

Craig completely revamped our business and marketing plans. We restructured how we ran the studio and serviced our clients.

Within 12 months we had gone from a low of 90 clients to a record 420 clients!

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Having weekly calls with Craig to 'touch base' kept me accountable (which is what we all need in business) and consistent, and these conversations helped with providing a clearer understanding of financials and marketing. I can honestly say that Craig has had a huge effect on the way I understand my business as well as how important metrics are to move any business forward.